Thursday, August 2, 2007

We are Home and Resting!

Dale had his first Surgery this Morning.....We were suppose to be home by 12:00 but did not get home until 1:30 as his pain was pretty bad and they had a hard time getting it under control.
The Dr. was not able to make the full repair of the cuff as it was in really bad shape.
He did scrape the bone and anchor the tendons and repair half if the rotator cuff.
Dale is really bummed about we do not know what the future will hold at this point.?
He will undergo the surgery on the left after the right is rehabbed....
He finally got a little nap in...Here is a photo of him and the pillow I put on him to elevate his arm(Xenia thought I put it there for her)!! She is NOT moving too far from his sight as she knows something is going on.


Jan said...

glad he is OK and I sure hope he has less pain and better use of his shoulder once he heals.

Rachel said...

Dale and Xenia look so sweet can tell that she doesn't want to be far from her daddy!!

I'm praying for Dale and that the end result turns out better than what he's expecting!!

I hope the pain level was bearable last night..please keep me posted!! Love you both!!!

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